By commissioning Jinxit you hereby accept these terms of service:1. COMMISSION INFORMATION
a) When commissioning me it is your responsibility to ensure that you have given me all the relevant information about your commission (Including an accurate reference sheet of your character(s)).
b) The character(s) that you have provided for the commission should be your
own or you should have permission to use.
a) My commission updates are limited unless you have opted for "Full WIPs" during the application process (This costs an additional 10% of the commission cost). Once progress has begun on your commission you will be send a sketch WIP for approval - At this stage you are entitled to ask for changes and make any comments on aspects of the commission that I should keep in mind for the finished piece. If you approve the sketch I will then go ahead and continue the commission until it's completion where I will then send it to you for a final verdict.
Please understand that changes once the commission is complete are very limited and may not be possible.
b) If you are worried about how the piece will turn out, want to ensure your character turns out the way you want or would just like updates throughout the commission process you can opt for "Full WIPs" - This costs an additional +10% of the commission cost and I will send you updates at each stage: Sketch > Lineart > Colour > Completed.
If you have commissioned a reference sheet full WIPs are guaranteed due to the nature and purpose of references therefor you do not need to pay an additional fee.
a) All rights to the artwork belong to me (Jinxit). This means that you are not allowed to reproduce the art for sale or commercial use. The artwork I provide for you is for personal use only.
b) If you would like to own the rights to the artwork for commercial use you should discuss this with me beforehand and you will be asked to pay an additional fee of +100% of the commission cost.
c) You are not authorized to heavily edit, trace or reference any of the artwork that I may make for you unless I have given you explicit permission to do so.
a) Refunds are always available if the piece has not been started. If you change
your mind on the commission you are welcome to ask for a refund however, if the commission has been started a fee will be deducted based on how much work has been done.
b) It is not possible to request a refund after the piece has been completed. If a
chargeback is made, the client will be blacklisted and blocked and the artwork will be re-purposed.
c) If I decided to cancel a commission for any reason you are entitled to a full refund unless work has been started on the commission.
I am entitled to cancel or refuse any commission regardless of the circumstances of said commission or client.

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